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Meet Alec

I taught myself to make ice cream in elementary school for a school project and grew up exploring my relatives’ sustainable farmland. I didn’t realize how defining those childhood moments would be until I was an uninspired and unsatisfied adult perusing pints in the freezer aisle. I knew we could do better. So I perfected my signature recipe and set out to source the best ingredients our earth has to offer. The result is the first-ever regenerative organic A2 dairy ice cream - a fully indulgent ice cream that is better for you and our planet.


We created an ice cream that’s unquestionably delectable, friendlier on tummies, and produced with ingredients that make a positive impact on our planet. Better taste, better for you, and a better future.

Pollutes our air with carbon

Destroys natural ecosystem, uses chemicals

Strips top soil of nutrients & produces waste water

Strains the lives of animals and farmers

Removes carbon from air

Restores biodiversity, requires no pesticides

Creates nutrient-rich top soil & preserves water

Improves the lives of animals and farmers

Partners in Regenerative Agriculture

Spotlight On Regenerative Agriculture Partners

Palm Springs Banana with Regenerative Organic Certified Bananas from Sol Organics

Nutty Butter Brittle with Regenerative Organic Certified Almond Butter and almond brittle from Burrough’s Family Farms

Maple Cardamom Candied Pecan with Regenerative Organic Certified Maple from The Forest Farmers

Groundwork Coffee & Toffee with Regenerative Organic Certified Coffee

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