Alec’s is the first regenerative organic ice cream. Each time you dig into a pint of our ice cream, you’re not only supporting the next movement of farming and dairy—you’re also helping to positively change our planet for a better future. Our dairy also features 100% A2 dairy, which is gentler on tummies.

Little known secret about making ice cream coming at you now:

The amount of sugar or corn syrup is a major element in what makes ice cream soft! We find most ice creams to be overly sweet. We do not use corn syrup and we use less sugar than most. And that’s why it comes out of the freezer a little harder.

Maybe the biggest reason our ice cream likes to sit out a bit before scooping has to do with how little air we whip into our ice cream. We find that using less air makes a creamier more OMG ice cream experience. Less air = more cream = harder to scoop when super cold, but so worth that extra effort.

Nope. Lots of ice cream companies use it as a sweetener, but it is not our thing.

98% of our ice cream base ingredients are certified or verified regenerative, which means they are produced using holistic farming practices that have the power to actually reverse climate change, promote biodiversity, and conserve water. Through the use of cover crops and carefully managed grazing cows, regen farming is positively impacting the food we eat and the world that we live in.

You can learn more about the regenerative farming movement through these awesome organizations:

The Savory Institute

Regenerative Organic Alliance

The Rodale Institute

NRDC: Search Regenerative

Kiss the Ground

The quick answer: It’s the OG of dairy that is known to be more easily digestible, so even those who have milk sensitivities have been known to enjoy A2 dairy without stomach cramping, bloating, indigestion, and skin irritation. The longer answer: A2 or A2/A2 is referring to a milk protein that is found in all mammal’s milk including human, cow, goat, and sheep. Some cows started creating A1 proteins about 1,000 years ago due to a gene mutation. Research shows that this A1 protein may be the cause for some dairy-related issues, such as digestion. The dairy cows that produce the milk we use are part of a movement to restore our herds back to the original A2 protein.

Yes, all of our ice creams available for sale are USDA Certified Organic.

We make our ice cream in our production facility in Petaluma, CA. We personally operate the facility and make sure each ingredient we bring in and pint we put out 
are up to our quality standards.

We source from Alexandre Family Farm, the 1st certified regenerative organic dairy in the US by both the Savory Institute and the Regenerative Organic Alliance. Their hard work is proving that cows can actually help reverse climate change through their grazing. Their heritage cows are selected for their ecological benefits and high-quality A2 milk.

We source our sugar from the Native Green Cane Project. They are the first cane sugar to receive Regenerative Organic Alliance certification, and they’re also leaders in green cane harvesting, which replaces destructive burning of cane fields.

Yes it is! We proudly buy our organic matcha from Japan. Although ice cream is not used in tea ceremonies, our supplier has confirmed that our matcha is considered ceremonial grade.

We use bio-based polyethylene, a plastic alternative that is more environmentally friendly and made from 100% renewable resources, such as sugar cane, corn, rice, potatoes, wheat, and vegetable oil. Bio-based polyethylene contains renewable carbon elements. At the end of its life cycle, it will not add any new carbon to the environment.

We are very proud of our sustainable packaging and want you to make sure you are properly disposing of everything. We recommend that you place the remains of the dry ice in a well-ventilated area at room temperature, so that it will evaporate. (Please do not touch it directly!)

If you have received a package with a plastic green lining, you can cut the material out of this plastic (again we encourage you to recycle the plastic responsibly) and either wash it down the sink, compost it, or even use it as a fire starter!

Please be careful to recycle the green plastic liner appropriately—some areas do not accept plastic bags in recycling, while others do.

If you received a “Clima Cell” brown liner, simply remove this from the box and place it in your recycling bin.

Although our packaging is recyclable and we are permitted to include the symbol, we chose not to because ANY paper product that is in direct contact with food can cause significant strain on the recycling process. From an environment protection standpoint it is generally not recommended to recycle products that were in direct contact with food, so we decided not include the symbol.

You can always buy from us online, but we’re in stores too! See if we’re in your area.

We use a very small (less than 0.5% in total) amount of organic guar gum and organic carob gum to help maintain the integrity of the texture of our ice cream through temperature variations. Both naturally derived—guar gum comes from a legume type called cluster bean and carob gum comes from the seeds of the carob tree—these minor ingredients protect our perfectly creamy product from turning icy and/or flaky in transit between our production facility to your home freezer. Which ultimately means they ensure you have the best ice cream experience possible (maybe ever?)!